The Washington Street Artists’ Cooperative

Incorporated in August 2011 as the Washington Street Artists’ Cooperative, the artists and artisans who exhibit in the Washington Street Gallery are continuing a tradition of exhibiting juried art work from local artists across the region. The Cooperative began full operation on October 1, 2011.  Our mission for this exciting endeavor is to provide a space where artists and artisans in the West Virginia Panhandle region can create, show, share, and teach, thus expanding interest and participation in art in the community.

The Washington Street Artists Cooperative is a group of artists and artisans from the larger West Virginia Panhandle region who have come together to show their work, support each other, teach, learn, and engage the community in the process of creating and appreciating art.

Formed in August 2011, the Co-op is built on the experience of The Washington Street Gallery in Charles Town, WV. Our goals are to expand the community’s interest and participation in art, build an audience, and in particular to support established and emerging artists and artisans.

Our values include high aesthetic standards, sound organization, cooperation, professional development, innovation, creativity and making art welcoming to those familiar and unfamiliar with it without compromising the integrity of the art or the artist/artisan who created it.

Our objectives are to:

  • Seek and maintain members from among the artists and artisans who live within the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle or the surrounding region.
  • Solicit and maintain Membership from art patrons and supporters.
  • Maintain a fine arts and crafts gallery for displaying and selling Member art work with a portion of proceeds of sales going to benefit and sustain ongoing operation of the cooperative.
  • Encourage artistic creativity and productivity among residents of the community.
  • Promote appreciation of the arts among the general public of the surrounding region through exhibitions of artists’ work, educational programs and community outreach projects.
  • Benefit the economic environment of the entire community by creating an art market that serves to draw tourism traffic into the region.

Full Members of the Co-op pay dues of $20 per month in quarterly installments ($60 per quarter). Work will be displayed throughout the gallery in a space equivalent of at least 4 feet by 8 feet.  No work will be displayed until dues are paid. Full Members donate 20 percent commission to the Co-op on their sales. Full Members are also expected to volunteer: sit in the gallery, participate on committees and with events, attend meetings and vote. Full Members may mount a solo show in turn and by schedule.

Consignment Members of the Co-op will exhibit their work in a space provided in the gallery as agreed upon between the artist and the Gallery Committee. Consignment Members pay $20 per month in dues in quarterly installments ($60 per quarter) and donate 40 percent of sales to the Co-op. They have no other duties and do not vote. However, Consignment Members may volunteer to gallery sit or participate in events if they want to do so.

Members are expected to participate in committees, sit in the gallery, volunteer at events, attend meetings, vote, abide by the Co-op’s policies and pay dues. In exchange, Full and Consignment Members will be able to display and sell their work in a convivial environment. All prospective members must participate in the jury process and pay quarterly dues before exhibiting. If you are interested in joining us, please see the Call for Artists page.

For more information, call 304-724-2090 or email                                        WashingtonStreetGallery [at] gmail [dot] com.